The Time is RIGHT for SOLAR!

Solar has arrived, not only has the technology progressed, but the INCENTIVES are here now.
Did you know the state will underwrite 50% and the federal government will cover another 30%. There may be even more. You can see THAT SOLAR IS NOW AFFORDABLE!

Solar Panels

New Orleans usually puts solar panels on the roof.  There is also an option to mount the panels on the ground.  In fact, a bigger mounting structure where the solar panels are placed can also serve as covered parking spaces or window awnings.

New Orleans Solar Service

By using solar energy, you are doing your small part in preserving the finite energy sources of earth.  But the individual solar energy user can also benefit personally.  In addition to the noble cause of saving the planet, solar energy also gives you tangible benefits and reasons to rejoice over a substantial reduction in your utility bills month on month.

Louisiana Wind & Solar Energy Tax Credit

Current Specials

10Kw Solar Electric System  – Limited Offer!

Success Stories

We never lost power during the storm, Wouldn’t use a different company then RiverView”

– Terrina