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We use the highest Quality Equipment on the market:

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The hottest energy efficient HVAC system on the market that cost a 1/3rd to operate then a conventional HVAC unit.  How about a No maintenance 30 year design life in comparison to the average 15 year life, so twice the time.

A conventional unit looses its SEER rating by improper installation, dirt, grass clippings, dog hair, and everything that mother nature has outside, and this happens immediately, and gets worse every year.   A GEO unit never will see the same problems and retains is 31 SEER rating for the life of the system, just change the included HEPA filter.

Another great benefit to the GEO unit, it will heat your domestic hot water for the home and save another 60% for water heating cost.   Other available features are zoning control, True variable speed motors, 45 SEER ratings.


  • No exterior condensor to maintain
  • 31 SEER + Rating
  • Super Quiet
  • Very cost effective to operate
  • Removes more moisture
  • 30% Federal Tax Incentive
  • Can heat your domestic hot water and save an additional 60% of that cost
  • 10 years Labor and Parts


Geo Thermal Systems are not that expensive as most think.   A good 16 SEER Maytag HeatPump – average cost $8,500.    Geo Thermal HeatPump  – average cost $9,995, and with the additional cost up front pays back with energy savings within 5 years!    Add Solar and foam to the equation and you can see a ZERO energy bill.


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