Getting Started & Cost

Riverview Solar manages everything you need to power your home with solar energy, from your solar system design to installation. Here are the steps to get started.


Step 1: Free Solar Consultation & Energy Audit

Every home is unique, so we start by talking with you about your energy needs and electrical savings goals. We will review your historical electrical usage patterns and evaluate your home for solar exposure. We will provide an initial estimate to show you how generating your own solar power can lower your electricity costs.

Step 2: Proposal

RiverView Solar will prepare a detailed written proposal including recommended system size, location, included services, pricing and financial analysis. We will identify the government rebates and tax credits that can dramatically improve your financial investment.

Step 3: System Design

High quality starts with good design. Our team will design your solar power system based on your home’s architecture and your family’s electrical needs. RiverView works with the best solar panel manufacturers to design high performance solar systems.

Step 4: Installation

RiverView’s professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. Residential installation times range from a few days to a week, depending on system size and complexity. We will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your home and family. Our team will oversee all the building permits, inspections and connection to the utility grid. We take care of all details every step of the way.

Step 5: Commission

After completion we certify and test your system for its rated power to verify that the designed system is accurate and true. RiverView is the leading company for certification and testing in Louisiana.

Pricing schedule for the complete PhotoVoltaic Systems

Grid Tie System $2.50 per KW (example 10kw system cost $25,000.00)

Restrictions applied: 6/12, one story, good shingles, asphalt, available roof space, ground mount racking system additional.

Pricing schedule for Solar Thermal Systems

Basic Solar Thermal System $7800.00

Thermal Drain-back Stainless System $10,500.00

Pricing schedule for Solar Attic Fan to include installation

Solar Fan:

10 Watt $795.00

20 Watt $895.00

30 Watt $995.00

Gable Fan:

10 Watt $795.00

20 Watt $895.00

30 Watt $995.00

Restrictions applied: 7/12, metal roof, 2 story, if bad shingles add $50.00


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