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Air sealing   “Save as much as 15%”

An air sealing package can be the most affordable measure you can perform to you house. The saving are moderate but the condition (feel good) lower humidity is priceless when it comes to your comfort.  Air leaks are located throughout the home with a very scientific method and sealed with foam insulation.  This in turn lowers the amount of infiltration coming into the home that contains moist hot dirty air that you then must remove with the air conditioning system.

Under 1500 sqft   $800 with Entergy Smart Incentives


Duct Sealing   “Save as much as 30%”

With duct sealing package you  can reduce your energy cost by 30%.  Most all air conditioning ducts leak to an extent that more then a third of the air is going into unconditioned space (attic or outside). So if you have a 3 ton system, only 2 tons of air is being used, the other is wasted and so is the money your paying to cool or heat it.

Seal all connections and unit 3 tons and under $375 with Entergy Smart Incentives


Insulation  “Save as much as 30%”

Adding insulation or changing to foam is the most cost effective thing to do your structure. Foam is the best product to utilize if your HVAC equipment is in the attic area.  Spray foam installed to the roof rafters will make the attic conditioned space, the same as your living space. So all the duct work and the unit will not have the heat like a normal attic.  This will save as much as 30% of your energy cost.

Spray Foam Insulation             Open Cell $2.20 per sqft – Average 6″                    Closed Cell $2.40 per sqft – Average 2.2″

Cellulose Insulation    $1.50 per sqft

Blown in fiberglass    $1.40 per sqft


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