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New Orleans typically puts solar panels on the roof.  There is also an option to mount the panels on the ground.  In fact, a bigger mounting structure where the solar panels are placed can also serve as covered parking spaces or window awnings.

Depending on the usage the RiverView Solar will provide you with a system that is just the right size for you.  There are small starter systems that are just 50 sq. ft. and larger ones that may even be 1000 sq. ft.   Solar panels for commercial applications are typically much bigger.

The cost of the system depends on a variety of factors like the size, the number of solar cells, the system rating, and whether they are integrated into the roof or ground mounted.   We provide financing for complete solar energy systems, so once you get an estimate from RiverView Solar  we can see if you qualify for financing.

Are you looking to cut down on your energy bills by 50% or even 100%?  Or do you have any other requirement in mind? It may be a good idea to go over your previous energy bills with RiverView Solar to have an idea about your energy consumption pattern and to decide on the size of the solar energy system that is required to achieve your requirements.

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