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Solar has arrived, not only has the technology progressed, but the INCENTIVES are here now. Did you know the state will underwrite 50% and the federal government will cover another 30%. There may be even more. You can see THAT SOLAR IS NOW AFFORTABLE! These incentives get it installed and then you can COUNT THE SAVINGS EVERY MONTH! If the thought of a ZERO ENERGY BILL is attractive then make the call now! RiverView Solar provides our clients with high quality service and products that are supported by a network of qualified technicians. With our Green Building technology and certifications we offer more options for our customers to save on energy compared to other companies. Service contracts extend basic warranty coverage to 15, 20, and 25 years or a limited lifetime parts and labor. RiverView provides monitoring services of installed Solar Thermal and Photo-Voltaic Systems for true performance production. With this service the clients can receive real time visual and detailed reports of their system. This guarantees that the investment made will have real return on investment projections. Additional services we provided are Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Inspections, full Energy Audits, and Certified Home Inspections. The combination of these services provide our clients with a full level of energy savings and to become net zero, ‘producing as much energy as used’ resulting in a zero energy bill.

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    RiverView has 18 years of construction experience and over 5 years on inspection training. Additionally we take pride in our Green building and home efficiency practices, including our latest offering in energy efficiency.
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